Yosemite Interactive Data

Outdoor Display


As a Northern California native, Yosemite was a place that I visited frequently growing up with my family. Not only was I able to enjoy the natural surroundings and getting away from the busy, crowded spaces of urban and suburban areas, but I was also able to learn about nature and the natural environment that I lived in. Each trip to Yosemite, even now, imparts me with a new wealth of knowledge, from preserving the environment to historical facts about the terrain of California and the Sierra Nevadas.

After a few recent trips to Yosemite, I had noticed that the National Park Service does a great job of promoting and preserving the parks. The park rangers try to inform the public as much as possible and pass along a wealth of information about each aspect of the park.

However, while the park maintains a wonderful culture of informing visitors, the static displays and informational placards are often overlooked because of the lackluster presentation. My goal for this project is to better integrate the information into the environment and terrain of the park to create an experience where consuming information about the park and its landmarks is a fully immersive journey that ties in seamlessly to the experience of hiking, camping and experiencing the natural setting of Yosemite.



8 weeks



Concept, UX, Visual Design, Animation


- Core Features -


Landmark Facts

The first screen the visitor will see is a screen overlaying an image fed from a live camera with interactable icons. When touched, these icons will reveal facts about the landmark.


Interactive Timeline

The timeline will overlay the landmark and when specific points are selected a relevant fact pertaining to a specific spot on the landmark will describe the event.


Landmarks Map

The visitor can also access and overview map of the park which will give information pertaining to other landmarks in the park. They can view a small number of facts by selecting those landmarks.


Night Mode

Because this is an outdoor display, I wanted the visuals to also reflect and adapt to the environment. With this in mind, I created a mirrored design made specifically to be used at night.



- Visual Inspiration -


Visual Style

I wanted the aesthetic mood of the display to reflect the feeling of being in the park. Yosemite inspires both a a calm, removed experience, as well as making people feel awe-struck by the grand scale of the landscape.


UI Visual

I want to evoke the grand scale and power of the iconic landmarks, while also maintaining the calm, serenity one feels when experiencing the park.



- Final Design -