Tablet App


Novice gym-goers often don’t know where to begin when it comes to looking for some kind of workout plan or an encyclopedia of exercising. There are not as many targeted applications for women around building strength or fitness goals that are non-cardiovascular. It takes a lot of self-researching and information aggregation to collect information about what to do and how to start exercising. My goal for this project was to design a tablet application to help novice, female gym-goers to learn about, improve execution and build confidence of different exercises based on different parts of the body, and fitness goals. I want to ensure that I create a design that helps women understand their body in terms of their own fitness goals and create a helpful, trustworthy source for this information. 



11 weeks



Concept, UX, Visual Design, 3D, Animation


- Core Features -


Exercise Guide

Within each workout, each exercise is accompanied by a diagram or video of how to perform that exercise. The user can interact with the model to view the guide at their convenience.


Goal Tracking

Along with a daily workout, the user can set certain goals to achieve. Within each goal page, the user can track their progress towards achieving the goal and can input data related to it daily.


Daily Dashboard

When the app is opened, the user will see this dashboard page. Here they can see an overview of their workout for the day as well as goal progress and plan progress. From here they can start their workout.



- Visual Style -


For the visual style I wanted to create a vivid, bright design to inspire an energetic feeling in order to help the user feel motivated to go into the app daily and continue using it and make them feel excited to workout.



- Final Design -