Imagine RIT Poster

Print Design


Imagine RIT is a creativity and innovation festival hosted annually by RIT. The festival aims to bring together the RIT community through a variety of student and faculty exhibitions from a wide range of topics that showcase innovation, discovery and creativity. In preparation for the festival, RIT puts on a poster design contest where students can enter a design to represent the festival through a visual design. This design was my proposal for the 2016 Imagine RIT festival.

Through this design I wanted to not only advertise and brand the event itself, but also represent RIT as a professional, creative and innovative place to RIT and beyond. I wanted to conceptualize and represent the idea of innovation that is such an integral part of RIT.



Rochester Institute of Technology



4 weeks, Spring 2016



Graphic Design



- Ideation -


My process of ideation was important to reaching my final design. Since the turnaround for this project was rather quick, I decided to approach brainstorming in a similar fashion. I created a mind map based off of the tagline of the event “Experience the future."



- Visual Inspiration -


The next part of my process involved visual inspiration. I created several moodboards based on image search results based on highlighted words from my mind map based on different themes.



- Design Iteration -


My process of design stemmed from a series of quick iterations until I solidified on a concept I felt communicated the message I wanted to most effectively.



- Final Design -


My final design took the idea of symbolizing tools for innovation while creating visual interest. I tried to use colors that conveyed professionalism as well as the fun, energetic festival atmosphere.